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Childcare Administrative Management Suite

ChildPilot is your all-in-one solution to increase business productivity & parent communication. Our childcare management software provides a user-friendly interface packed with features to simplify administrative tasks.


All-In-One Childcare Management System

Access data from any device anytime, anywhere!

  • Multi-user functionality
  • Mass emailing & text messaging
  • Upload center forms & other documents
  • Lesson planning
  • Track center enrollment
  • Electronic document storage
Childcare Management Software
childcare management software

Family Database


  • View/manage family & children details
  • Lookup emergency contacts & authorized pick-up details
  • View/Track immunizations
  • Electronic families & children document storage
  • View/manage family balances, payments, discounts & more
  • Track children attendance, absences & vacation days
  • Log notes or additional details for family & children
  • Text messaging – Send messages to parents from your database

Employee Database


  • View/Manage employee data 
  • Manage/view employee classroom schedule & permissions
  • Track employee attendance for payroll purposes
  • Record employee sick, vacation, & training hours
  • Store employee documents
  • Lesson & activity planning
childcare management software
childcare management software

Classroom Scheduling & Management


  • Interactive calendar/scheduler 
  • Attendance tracking with real-time child-teacher ratio monitoring
  • Move staff and children to different rooms temporarily
  • Set different daily schedules for staff

Automated Billing

Set up billing schedules to meet your childcare program's needs, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly.

  • Auto invoicing, payments, & late fees
  • Link fees to child's schedule
  • Financial history for each family
  • Adjust children tuition, discounts, credits, or DHS subsidy
childcare management software
childcare management software

Custom Reporting Tools

Seeing your data in one location has never been easier. ChildPilot offers the simplest way to create and manage customizable reports, including:

  • Roll call sheets
  • Allergy lists
  • Revenue reports
  • Bus run checklist
  • & more

Online Forms & Enrollment

On a desktop or on-the-go, families can pre-register to your program by providing required details about their family & children. Once approved and marked as active, their family details will automatically sync to your ChildPilot database.

  • Childcare forms
  • Inquiry form
  • Online enrollment form
  • Pre-registration form for upcoming school year

childcare management software

childcare quickbooks integration management software 


Quickbooks Integration

  • ChildPilot integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

  • Automate bill pay
  • Simplify accounts payable
  • Eliminate manual data entry 

Unmatched Support

Can you run a great childcare program without the support of a great team? Maybe, but it’s still nice to know there’s always someone in your corner ready to lend a helping hand. Enjoy the convenience of our unmatched support experience.

  • Designated ChildPilot Rep
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Database chat support

childcare management software

Every Pilot Needs a Co-Pilot!

Ready to start saving? Request a demo or experience ChildPilot with a free trial 




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