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How do I get started with ChildPilot?

When you're ready to start using or learn more about the ChildPilot platform, please fill out the Request Demo form.

What to expect:
A dedicated ChildPilot representative will contact you to learn more about your childcare program and schedule a web demo at your convenience.

What you'll see during our web demo:
An overview of how ChildPilot can help you manage your childcare program, collect tuition, and enhance parent communication.

Is there a one-time purchase option?

No. We provide a fully web-based solution that requires ongoing maintenance and updates; therefore, our software operates on a monthly or yearly subscription model and cannot be purchased outright.

Do I have to pay for software updates?

No. Any updates or enhancements to the ChildPilot platform go live automatically at the beginning of every month. There is no additional cost or downloading necessary.

Can I cancel my ChildPilot account at any time?

Yes. If you decide that ChildPilot is no longer the best fit for you or your childcare program, notify your ChildPilot representative with a 30-day email notice, and we will close your account.

What devices does ChildPilot management software support?

 ChildPilot is a cloud-based system that works on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

What specs are needed for ChildPilot portal users?

ChildPilot recommends any tablets with at least 2 GB RAM such as: iPad, iPad minis, Amazon fire, or any other tablet for higher efficiency.

For operating requirements check the corresponding app store to see the versions we support:

Parent Portal:



Staff Portal:




Is my data safe?

ChildPilot Software complies with the most stringent security requirements. As part of our first-rate services, all data is stored encryption-at-rest. Data at rest refers to static data stored physically in any digital form. For example, information on your laptop is considered data at rest. Encrypting data at rest means that your data would remain safe and secure in the exceedingly unlikely event of a physical breach of the underlying infrastructure.


How do I add a new Employee and send a Staff Portal invitation?

Go to the "Employees" tab, select the "+" icon > complete form > Create.
Once added, click Employee name > go to the "Manage" tab >Send Teacher Portal Invite. 

Here you can also set Employee's Schedule and portal usage Permissions. 

How do I make my centers forms accessible online?

If you need a digitized form, submit a request using the support chat in your ChildPilot database or e-mail form details and requirements to your ChildPilot representative.

When adding forms, what format does it need to be in?

We advise PDF or word documents.

How does the QR code check-in work?

Parents and Staff will select Check-In/Out from their app and quickly scan the QR code image.
Where can I print my schools QR Code and can I make multiple copies? 
Go to your Childcare Center Settings > Extra > Generate QR Code in your database. Open PDF, then print as many copies as needed. 

Can I use the same QR code for multiple locations? 
Only if you are using the same database for multiple sites; otherwise, you will need a unique QR code for each location. 


How do I download the Staff Portal app?

The ChildPilot Staff Portal app is available on your mobile device app store. Search "ChildPilot Staff", or click the corresponding link below:




How do I login to the staff portal through a desktop?

To log in from a desktop, click here! 


How do I get an invitation or register for the parent portal?

If your child is already enrolled to a program using ChildPilot, an admin team member from the school will send you an invitation via email or text. 

How do I download the Parent Portal app?

The ChildPilot Parent Portal app is available on your mobile device app store. Search "ChildPilot Parents", or click the corresponding link below:



How do I login to the Parent Portal through a desktop?

To log in from a desktop, click here!

How do I update guardian information on my child’s profile?

If permitted by the school, you can update your contact information. Go to the "Family" tab, scroll down to "Guardians" > click the dropdown arrow next to details > Edit > edit or update contact information > save.

How do I edit or delete authorized pickups or emergency contacts from my child’s profile?

Scroll down to the desired contact category you'd like to add a new member to in the "Family" tab > click the (+) icon > fill out the information required.

Click (+) > Add My Self as Guardian > complete form > save.
Click (+) > Add Additional Guardian > complete form > save.

Authorized Pickups
Click (+) > complete form > save.

Emergency Contacts
Click (+) > complete form > save.

How do I change or update contact images in the parent portal?

Touch the photo you want to update > From Camera or From Device if uploading an image from the device gallery.

How do I fill out documents online through the ChildPilot parent app?

If the school has the digital forms feature turned on, you will see a list of documents in the "Documents" tab. A red "Required" alert will notify you when forms need to be completed or updated. 

Can I modify turned in school documents if needed?

Submitted documents can be modified or updated within a designated timeframe set by your child’s school. Please let one of your admin team members know you would like to make an update or changes.

How do I upload a document?

Go to the “Documents” tab > Upload > Upload Document > Input Document Name > Choose File. 

Where can I find my paid invoices?

Go to the "Billing" tab > Paid Invoices.

How do I make a payment through the parent portal?

Go to the "Billing" tab > Make a Payment > Fill out all the required information. Before payment completion, you will have the option to save the payment method or sign up for autopay.

Can I save more than one credit card on the payment method file?

 Yes, you may add multiple payment methods.

How do I enroll for autopay?

While making a payment or simply adding a new payment method, select enable autopay using this payment method. Please note new invoices will automatically be paid when they are created using this payment method.

Where do I go to get an invoice for childcare charges or print my Tax Statement?

Select Tax statements in the "Billing" tab. Here you will have the ability to filter the desired time frame > "Export to PDF

Can I change my check-in code?

Yes. Please inform an admin team member from your child's school you would like to change or update your check-in code. 

How can I download/save images from my parent portal to mobile device?

To save images from the parent portal to your mobile device, ChildPilot will need access to your camera roll/gallery.

iPhone settings: Settings > Privacy > Photos > Turn ChildPilot to green.

Android settings: Settings > Apps > ChildPilot > Permissions > Allow access to storage.


ChildPilot portal usage requires access to photos for any user to upload or download any media within our database onto their mobile device. In addition, ChildPilot Childcare Management Software cannot crawl, view, monitor, nor receive any of your personal information stored or delivered to your device.

I have multiple children enrolled. How can I message a specific teacher for one of my children?

Go to the "Messages" tab > Send Message. If you have multiple children enrolled, click the child's name the Message is in regards to. 

What will happen to my account once my child leaves or graduates from his/her school?

Your account becomes inactive.

My child just started a new school that uses ChildPilot, but my portal user account is still linked to the previous school. How do I update to the new school?

Updating your portal user account to the new school is a simple process. If it's still linked to the previous school, just contact our support team by clicking the chat icon below or emailing us at We'll need your name, the email associated with your account, and the names of your previous and new schools.


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