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ChildPilot software provides an all-in-one childcare management software solution to childcare owners, directors, educators, and parents. ChildPilot has over 20 years of experience streamlining daily administrative processes with a user-friendly platform and has helped increase admin-teacher-parent connections.

ChildPilot was founded by a team of experienced early childhood educators wanting to prove that childcare management software doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, or overwhelming. That with the right approach, software can be simple and powerful enough to help childcare professionals run their businesses and keep families connected. Being former early childhood educators, they knew that the KEY to success was to partner with and support early education leaders. And to provide a complete software solution for their day-to-day operations while being accessible when needed with advice and expertise to all aspects of their business. ChildPilot has quickly grown and become a key player in the early childhood education industry and is trusted by thousands of childcare professionals and families across the nation and internationally. Through all the growth, the focus on excellent customer support for our users and its consistency has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with many platform users.


Our Mission

To provide a true all-in-one childcare software solution and help childcare providers be well equipped to handle day-to-day operations with customizable software that caters to each program's particular needs, hand-in-hand with our core values: Commitment, Innovation, and Transparency. With our experience, we understand the importance of reliable communication. We are committed to being the industry leader by delivering a complete solution and support that is not just unique but highly responsive, guiding you through every step and allowing us to build meaningful relationships with each platform user.

Our Vision

To serve as a helping hand for early childhood education programs and their success. 

Our Values

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