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Why Has Everyone Gone Digital?

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As we continue to adapt to new trends and popular demand from the past pandemic and people trying to become more environmentally conscious, it's not hard to see why going digital has become so popular. However, going digital still scares many childcare providers who are hesitant to switch to online platforms, and we get it; change can be scary but is sometimes necessary. 

Here are some benefits of switching to an all-in-one childcare management platform for your childcare program and the environment. 

For Administrators 

Like everything we do, the ability to manage a childcare center to its full potential can be overwhelming if we are not using the right tools. A management system that runs in the background can automatically make daily tasks a breeze, enabling you to check things off your daily list automatically. Ditch the pen and paper using an all-in-one platform and take advantage of key features, such as data management, attendance tracking, automated billing, online enrollment, detailed reporting, and so much more. Keep your center license compliant with centralized student profiles, up-to-date forms, and access control. Ease invoicing and payment collection with a flexible billing process and increase parent engagement with daily activity updates. 


childPilot childcare management software staff app


For Teachers 

In terms of purpose, communication is ideally a two-way street between teachers and parents. Providing ongoing feedback from both ends will be beneficial for the child to grow academically, emotionally, and socially. Give your staff the ability to communicate with families and monitor classroom activity with a user-friendly portal. Using the ChildPilot Staff portal, teachers can share activity updates with families, monitor attendance, set reminders to perform face-to-name daily checks, create lesson plans, and more. 




For Parents

The first five years of a child's life are essential for developing the brain. Implementing parent communication tools will allow you to inform parents about their child's learning experience and academic progress, allowing them to form a plan of action and work together. In addition, parents have the flexibility to make online payments, update contact information, message admin or staff, update school forms, and more.

childPilot childcare management software parent app

Benefits Overall 

The advantages of implementing a cloud-based system include security, flexibility, and an environmentally friendly structure. Finding a complete solution to efficiently manage processes that is manageable, limited, or filled with add-on charges/hidden fees will save you valuable time and help team members foster stronger connections with the families they serve. 

ChildPilot is committed to alleviating your daily complexities with one user-friendly cloud-based system automating your billing, data management, online enrollment, plus much more that will make a difference daily. Request a demo to see if ChildPilot would be a good fit for your childcare program. 

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