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Patricia Hernandez

Love Is In The Air! Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Your Students

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can get your students into the holiday spirit by doing some fun arts and crafts or having them create some tasty treats they can give their friends as a Valentine. These activities don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. We’ve provided a few ideas of some fun activities for students of different ages to enjoy, as well as all the materials you’ll need!


1. Glitter Rock Valentines 

ChildPilot childcare management software blogNeed a super simple activity that also lets your students get a little extra outside time? This one is for you! All you need for this project is rocks, glitter, and glue. You can also provide paintbrushes if you don’t want your little ones using their hands. Being able to choose their own rock can add to the excitement. Plus, it means they get to run off a little extra energy. Make sure wash and dry the rocks after the students are done picking them and are inside. Have glue set aside in little bowls for each small group of students. After the rocks are dry, the children can use their finger or a paintbrush to dip into the glue and draw a heart on their rock. Then they’ll sprinkle glitter the color of their choosing onto the wet glue. Shake off the excess and you’re all done! They can admire their sparkly rocks or give them to a friend.



2. Heart-Shaped Candy Cane Lollipops

ChildPilot childcare management software blogWho doesn’t love sweets on Valentine’s Day. This a fun and easy way to have your children make a yummy snack everyone will enjoy. Unless they don’t like mint chocolate. All you’ll need for this activity is mini candy canes, lollipop sticks, chocolate chips (whichever kind you prefer), sprinkles and other toppings, and a baking sheet topped with parchment paper. You might want to prep ahead of timeby removing the wrappers from the candy canes just so they can be ready to go. Have your students put two candy canes together to make the heart shape then place the lollipop stick at the base between the candy canes. The next step is to melt your chocolate. Make sure it is pourable and spreadable. Drizzle the chocolate into the candy cane heart with a spoon. You may need to help your younger students with this. Then let them add the decorations they want. It could be the sprinkles, extra chocolate chips, or maybe cookie crumbles. After they have cooled and hardened, all that’s left is to enjoy!



3. Faux Stained-Glass Valentines 


ChildPilot childcare management software blogLet their creative juices flow with this arts and craft activity. For this one you’ll need, a half empty bottle of glue, black acrylic paint, watercolor paper, and watercolor paints. First create the black glue by mixing the acrylic paint into the half empty bottle of glue. Shake it well to make sure it is all blended together. Then let their imaginations fly by allowing them to create their own design on their paper with the black glue. Let the glue design dry, preferably overnight so that it’s ready for paint the next day. Once the glue has dried, let your students use the watercolors to paint inside their designs. The black glue will help the watercolors pop and will look like a real stained-glass window!




4. Coffee Filter Hearts


ChildPilot childcare management software blogCoffee filters have many different uses. Filtering coffee (obviously), dusting, and window directions! To make your classroom look festive, you will need coffee filters, watercolor paints, paintbrushes, water, glue stick, scissors, and tray for your students to work on. You can prep your coffee filters for your students by cutting them into half heart shaped ahead of time. Tell your kiddos to then fold and cut their hearts just like they would with paper snowflakes. Then they can unfold and paint their hearts with the watercolors. You can either dampen the coffee filter first then dab on the watercolors or can use the paint straight on dry filters. Have your students put a couple of pieces of tape or drops of glue on the back on their heart and then stick it to the windows in your classroom. 



You can keep your parents in the loop of their child’s progress by sharing pictures and videos of them making their crafts on your communication app like ChildPilot. You’ll be all ready for Valentine’s Day and your classroom will be feeling the love with all the decorations your students create. These activities are a great way to get your students involved and excited for the holiday.

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