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Choosing The Right Childcare Management Software For Your Center

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Childcare providers are undoubtedly the superheroes of modern times. They ensure the smooth operation of their facilities daily, manage their teams, keep parents informed, collect tuition, and pay bills on time. Most importantly, they maintain a safe environment where children can grow, develop, and have fun.

As technology becomes a must-use tool, childcare management software is key to increasing business efficiency, classroom productivity, and parent engagement. Yes, paper trailing is still around; however, most administrators and parents prefer flexibility at their fingertips. 

Let's ring in the new year by incorporating an all-in-one childcare management solution, such as ChildPilot, to be your sidekick as you take on 2023! Regardless of the software you choose, ensure your sidekick has these features in their toolbelt! 

Streamline Administrative Processes and Stay Organized

Many childcare software programs can help you stay on track by centralizing data/ forms, tracking attendance, managing schedules, and automating invoices/payments. However, not all systems have the flexibility to be customized to meet your specific needs for your center. With ChildPilot, you can customize your system to meet your exact necessities. 

Enhance Parent Communication and Engagement

Effective communication with parents is essential for the success of any childcare program. A parent app for daily parent communication can help keep parents connected and informed about their child's day with digital daily activity reports, last-minute updates via text messages, email, or kiosk reminders, and even manage their monthly/yearly statements at the click of a button. Check ChildPilot's daily activity report down below! 

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Increase Classroom Productivity

Incorporating a teacher app to increase productivity does not mean that you have to compromise the focus and attention the classroom and children need on day-to-day; with tools like ChildPilot's Staff app, teachers can snap milestones in seconds and save photos to share with parents while the students rest instead of filling out 12-14 paper reports individually or giving the parent a paper copy of the same report that is not individualized for each child. This tool allows teachers to increase communication quickly, help parents feel involved in their child's day, and give them quick access to information on child allergies or restrictions. 

Flexible Billing

We are all human and make mistakes, but we can lessen human error with a reliable billing suite that is not only automated but also flexible. A system like ChildPilot that is robust enough to have multiple billing settings at once, such as individual child tuition rates, subsidies, hourly drop-ins, or prepaid care and auto pay schedules running smoothly simultaneously, will make your day-to-day monthly invoicing and payment capturing a cake walk. 


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Reliable Support

Aside from the technical aspect, another essential thing to consider is: support! We know software is made to be efficient; still, there will be times when you will need a little assistance for simple questions or even brainstorming ideas on what features could help make your center more efficient that you are not aware of- with your ChildPilot rep your needs are met at the click of chat button or only a phone call away. 

Using technology at your childcare center doesn't have to be scary. Think ChildPilot would be a good fit for your center? Request a demo to see what ChildPilot can do for you and your program during a brief demo of our features and capabilities.  


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