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Can I modify turned in school documents if needed?

Submitted documents can be modified or updated within a designated timeframe set by your child’s school. Please let one of your admin team members know you would like to make an update or changes.

How do I fill out documents online through the ChildPilot parent app?

On your “Documents” tab, you will see a list of documents that can be filled out digitally if your school has this option turned on; if forms are incomplete, it will have a red “required” next to the form. Once completed forms will have a green “complete/checkmark” below the form.

How do I upload a document?

On your “Documents” tab, select showing all school documents, select your uploaded documents, click upload document then fill out the information and choose the file to upload.

I have three children enrolled, how can I send a message to one of my children’s teacher?

On your “Messages” tab, select the child your message is in regards to. 

How can I download/save images from my parent portal to mobile device?

To save images from the parent portal to your mobile device ChildPilot will need access to your camera roll/gallery.

iPhone settings: Settings > Privacy > Photos > Turn ChildPilot to green.

Android settings: Settings > Apps > ChildPilot > Permissions > Allow access to storage.


ChildPilot portal usage requires access to photos for any user to upload or download any media within our database onto their mobile device. In addition, ChildPilot Childcare Management Software does not have the ability to crawl your device and view, monitor, or receive any of your personal information stored or delivered to your personal device.

Where do I go to get an invoice for childcare charges or print my Tax Statement?

On the Billing tab select Tax statements, then "export to PDF." You can filter a desired time frame.

Where can I find my paid invoices?

Go to the Billing tab and select "Paid Invoices"

Where can I find my unpaid invoices?

 Go to the Billing tab and select "Showing Unpaid Invoices"

Can I save more than one credit card on the payment method file?

 Yes, you may add multiple payment methods.

How do I enroll for autopay?

While making a payment or simply adding a new payment method, select enable autopay using this payment method. Please note new invoices will automatically be paid when they are created using this payment method.

How do I make a payment through the parent portal?

Open your parent portal app, go to the billing tab, select make a payment and fill out all the information required. You can also save your payment method or sign up for autopay before submitting your payment.

Can I change my check-in code?

For security reasons only admin team members or ChildPilot personal can change check-in code numbers. Please inform an admin member at your child's school that you'd like to change your check-in code or email our support team at Please include your child's full name, school name, and the check-in code number you'd like to use. 

Where do I find my check-in code in the ChildPilot parent portal?

 Your check-in code is located in the "Family" tab

How do I change or update contact images in the parent portal?

Touch the photo you would like to update, a pop-up notification will prompt you to take a new photo or browse through your photo gallery.

How do I add a new authorized pick-up to my child's profile?

On the "Family" tab click "Family Members", select "Authorized Pick-Up", then click the + button; Fill out all the information, and include a photo or license photo if required by child(ren) school.  

How do I add a new emergency contact to my child's profile?

On the "Family" tab, click family members, select emergency contacts, then click the + button; Fill out all the information, and include a photo or license photo if required by child(ren) school.

How do I update guardian information on my child’s profile?

On the "Family" tab, click on "Family Members," select "Guardians", then select the arrow next to the details button; update information or image, then hit save.

How do I add a guardian to my child’s profile?

On the "Family" tab click "Family Members", select "Guardians", then click the + button; Fill out all the information, and include a photo or license photo if required by the child’s school.

What will happen to my account once my child leaves or graduates from his/her school?

Your account becomes inactive

Where do I download the parent portal app?

The ChildPilot parent portal app is available on your mobile device app store; use the links below or search "ChildPilot Parents"



How do I get an invitation or register for the parent portal?

If your child is already enrolled to a program using ChildPilot, an admin team member from the school will send you an invitation via email or text. 

How do I login to the parent portal through a desktop?

To login through a web browser  you will need your school’s URL. You can find this in your schools’ website or ask an admin team member to provide it to you.

You can also email our support team at to obtain your school’s URL. Please include your child's full name and school name to send you the proper URL link.

How do I update any guardian information on the parent portal app?

On the "Family" tab, click “Family Members” > "Guardians", then select the arrow next to details button; update information or photo then hit save.

Cant find the answer you are looking for? 

Click the chat button down bellow, email our support team at, or give us a call: 214-785-2151



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