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The #1 All-In-One Childcare Management System

ChildPilot makes it easy to manage your childcare program, increase classroom productivity, and parent engagement. Request a demo today or get started with a free trial.

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What to expect:

A dedicated ChildPilot representative will contact you to learn more about your childcare program and schedule a web demo at your convenience.

What you'll see during our 30-minute Web Demo:

An overview of how ChildPilot can help you manage your childcare program, collect tuition, and enhance parent communication.


What Makes ChildPilot Different


Simplifies daily administrative tasks & parent communication using one single platform. 

childcare management software


ChildPilot performs nightly backups guaranteeing no downtime during working hours and up-to-date data. 

childcare management software

Unmatched Support

From the moment you request a demo, a dedicated rep will be your point of contact all the time.


childcare management software


ChildPilot offers a full suite of admin management tools, including:

  • Data Management: Easily lookup and manage parent, children & staff data.
  • Contactless Features: Increase center safety with online pay and forms, QR code, and geo-location check-in/out.
  • Center Accounting & Quickbooks Integration: Set tuition based on your program's needs and never miss a payment again, accepting online payments directly through the parent portal.
  • Center Reporting: Create, download, and print: attendance, allergy, staff timesheets, bus run reports, and more anytime you need them.
  • Staff Time Tracking: Track staff time and create reports for center accounting or payroll purposes.
  • Online Enrollment & Forms: Easily view and manage personalized school forms.
childcare management software


Parent Portal:

Guaranteed to increase parent engagement and satisfaction.

  • Contactless Check-In/Out Features: QR Code or Geo Location with custom check-in agreement. 
  • Daily Activity Reports with Push Notifications: From meals, nap times, daily activities, incidents, and more.
  • Online Pay: Get paid on time every time, with parents ability to pay tuition directly through their parent portal. 
  • Online Forms & Registration: Give parents the flexibility to update forms or pre-resgister for the upcoming school year, as well as view and print their Tax Statements.  

Staff Portal:

Provide staff the tools they need to succeed at ease and keep parents informed every step of the way.

  • Classroom Details: View child attendance, allergies, and important notes.
  • Photos & Video Sharing: Share special moments with parents everyday sending them photos and videos at the click of a button.
  • Lesson Planning & Milestone Tracking: Create lesson plans and track children developmental stages.
  • Active Communication: Communicate fast and efficiently with administrative staff, teachers, and parents (admin permission required).
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